Clean Food, Clean Heart

Ramadan 30 Day Meal Plan | taught by Nazima & Chelsea
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Clean Food, Clean Heart is an e-book simplifying your Ramadan for you so that you can have a healthy and energized blessed month.

Are you ready to have a productive Ramadan that doesn't require you spending hours in the kitchen? You may get overwhelmed just thinking about all of the cooking you will have to do for Ramadan. It doesn't have to be that way!

Clean Food, Clean Heart provides you with a simple 30 day meal plan for Ramadan that will take the stress and guess work out of your kitchen duties. In addition, these meals are healthy and will provide you with the nourishment required so that you have more energy for ibadah.

Clean Food, Clean Heart includes:

  • 30 Day Meal Plan
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Weekly grocery lists
  • Post-iftar snacks
  • Daily Sunnah tasks checklist
  • Highlight of sunnah foods throughout recipes
  • Tips on how to have a healthy suhoor and iftar

Bonuses include:

  • Printable checklists and meal plans
  • Access to Facebook support group during Ramadan (for sisters only)
  • Clean Eating Cheat Sheet
  • Healthy Desserts E-book
  • Weekly giveaways for customers during Ramadan

*20% of proceeds go to Islamic Relief Canada: East Africa Famine Appeal*

Nazima & Chelsea
Nazima & Chelsea

About the instructor

Chelsea is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist specializing in healthy eating for weight loss. She also holds a degree in psychology. She takes on a holistic approach to health and wellness, believing it encompasses all aspects of the human experience - body, mind and soul. She is passionate about faithbased wellness and wishes to inspire other sisters to live more healthy, natural and mindful lives for the sake of Allah.

Nazima Qureshi is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist dedicated to helping Muslim women live healthier and happier lives. She uses a non-diet approach, which always includes dessert! She loves creating new recipes with her own South Asian flair and healthy twist.